Olli Soulié

Curriculum Vitae

  • LL.M. 2001 University of Helsinki
  • Attorney-at-law 2005
  • Partner at Susiluoto Attorneys Ltd
  • Studies on Copyright and International Contract Law at University of Utrecht, Netherlands 1999-2000
  • Advocacy work from 2001 onwards, before this working experience at the Offices of the Prosecutor General and the District Prosecutor, and in law firms
  • Employed at Susiluoto Ltd. from 2000-
  • Lectures and articles on copyright and data privacy issues
  • Authorized trademark lawyer by Finnish Patent and Registration Office
Olli Soulié

Olli Soulié


  • Languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, Estonian

Olli Soulié’s areas of expertise include copyright issues and other matters of IP, such as trademark questions and their related court proceedings. In addition to music business and artists, he assists a wide variety of professionals also in other areas of art and entertainment – production companies, publishers, authors, visual artists and graphic designers among others.

Olli is experienced in assisting companies in the IT sector, and has taken care of several software-related copyright cases that have created significant precedents in this rapidly evolving area of legal matters. He is also specialised in matters of data privacy and International Contract Law.

He is a recommended Finnish IP lawyer by e.g. Legal Experts and Best Lawyers International, both respected peer review guides to the legal profession worldwide.

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