Curriculum Vitae

  • LL.M. 2020 (University of Helsinki, Faculty of Law 2016-2020)
  • Employed at Susiluoto Ltd. from 2017-
  • Pro Gradu -thesis ”Plaintiff in Plea-Bargaining – Plaintiff as a Creditor and Bankcruptcy Creditors as a Collective” has been published in Edilex web-library

Sami Reijonen


  • Languages: Finnish, English

Sami Reijonen has been working at Susiluoto Attorneys-at-Law since 2017 as a legal trainee. Sami graduated in 2020 and has since worked as a lawyer focusing mainly on cases concerning criminal and procedural law. Sami has also been a lecturer on juridical preparatory courses since 2017.

At Susiluoto Attorneys Sami works with matters concerning dispute resolution and criminal liability. Sami also assists with assignments concerning insolvency situations and other branches of law.

Specialized in: